Wednesday, June 13, 2012

James Clementi and Dharun Ravi

G'day Everyone.
I came across something in my reading across the 'net and found that a message must be shared and said clearly. This is even a message to Dharun Ravi.
I'm hope you will read that message. But the message is clear. Bullies will always be bullies until they are arrested, charged, tried, and CONVICTED by the courts. Sadly to say, Dharun Ravi is trying to appeal his "conviction" despite he is nearly done serving his 30 days in jail. Ravi Appeals Verdict

So let me ask you this: Why would Ravi apologize for his childish actions of being a bully by outing his roommate and then showing NO REMORSE at all for Tyler Clementi's death? The facts are clear. Ravi should have realized when Tyler Clementi sent his last twitter message about him jumping to his death, that should have shaken up the entire Rutgers college and then came right out against Ravi as the bully.

Did Ravi learn anything? Did he ever really repent for causing another person to die? 
Being a stupid teen is one thing. But causing the death of your own roommate is a serious crime in which he should have been sentenced to serious prison time.

Perhaps when the judge in the NJ appeals court finally hears the case, we should hope some common sense comes out and that he will RE-SENTENCE Ravi to the proper prison term. But if not, Ravi should consider himself no longer welcome among all of us here in USA and should head home where people in India will properly punish him according to their laws. Perhaps, that's where his lesson will be.

But friends, do yourself a favor. If you see someone being a bully on someone else in your life, no matter what class, race, gender, or sexual orientation it is, TURN THEM IN! The moment that the BULLY IS SAFELY CONTAINED (though he/she may come after you.. but he/she knows he can't after that), the victim(s) will get help to recover and thank you.

Just like right now, the victims of the gay bully: Jerry Sandusky, are now fighting back. They're getting help. They're getting justice. In the end, Jerry Sandusky will be convicted and sentenced to prison for his life. He may get help, but his life is done.  For Tyler Clementi: True justice will happen when Ravi meets God later. Tyler will be patient for his own victory soon. Ravi has plenty of time to worry for his life. 

But until then, all bullies, like Ravi, will come to a bad end when they taste their own medicine.

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