Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Relationships for ALL people.

G'day Everyone.

Personally, I was touched by a report that is making it's way across the social media sites.
It was my decision to post the link here for various reasons that I plan to explain. Please take time to view this. You will understand more.


In the truth of my life: previously in my early years, I was involved in a deaf baptist church ministry. They knew I was Bi-sexual back then. But choose to ignore that. What did they do?
When I had girlfriends and been engaged to each of them, they pressured them and lied to them and said "there's a better man God will give you instead of this guy (me)." They wrecked each of my engagements with a purpose. They wanted to have the power to set up with a wife they choose for me. They didn't get that chance ever.

When I had my first boyfriend in my life, they did all they could do to get him away from me. But the worst low was when I was in the hospital after I survived a near deadly attack by an enraged straight roommate twice. My so called Christian friends helped my straight roommate escape justice. They denied my right to call the police and get them involved.

While I was recovering, emotionally and physically, they used those moments to doctor some photos and then told my boyfriend that I was living somewhere with someone else as my partner. My ex-boyfriend was told he could have anyone else he wanted and could have sex any way he wanted in a gay bath house.

Only one problem.

He was a sightly mental disabled man. So he kind of trusted these Christian people with his life. The disruption of his life was a mistake that was ever made.
When I finally got well, my first concern was for my boyfriend. I've wondered why he didn't come see me to be sure I was OK. After a near year of games by all our christian friends, one man finally told me before he left the area of where my boyfriend was. I ran to see my boyfriend.
Sitting down with my boyfriend turned into an emotional state where he couldn't discern what was truth (mine or our friends?).
I had no choice but to get his family to take him home. It would be years later that I'd learn that he had sex with another man he trusted. He thought the man was HIV-. The man lied. The man was HIV Positive. For me, it was a blow of defeat. I knew I would never make love to my boyfriend again because someone told him it was OK to fuck anyone in their lives.

We all know that it is NOT OK. It is NOT OK to have open sex with all men under any conditions. Especially when HIV risk can always happen. It changes all of us.

I need to say this to many people. Especially to the religious people and of our former Christian friends.

Before you decide to use, abuse, threaten, physically attack, mind games, and all other sorts of abuse on gay people and then trying to justify yourselves in the name of the Law on Earth and with the Word of God, then you already have committed more sins that are unforgivable. Believe me, I could give you a laundry list of your crimes much more than mine.

Families are the worst ones to react. Especially with family that is big on religious faiths. Parents who kill their gay kid in the name of honor will be the ones to suffer for it the most. Prison life is NOT for the average human being. Prison life is more rough than what people know it from the outside conditions.

Let me suggest this to many people: If you learn that your friend or family member comes out Gay or Lesbian or bi-sexual, please take time to listen carefully. Do NOT react rashly or regrets happens in a way that will NEVER heal.

As I say that, I say that each of us are responsible for our own souls and our own bodies. We also have a right to have our own relationship in who we want to be with. Marriage shouldn't be mandatory, but an option. Gay marriage should also be an option too. This is our personal lives.

What we believe, who we choose to live with, and what we stand for is OUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!
It is not your right to put your nose into my personal life.
It is NOT your right to tell my girlfriends or my boyfriends NOT to be a part of my life. Pressuring or threatening them is a cause to call the police and report for hate crime harassment! Believe me, nobody likes to have fight back through the means of legal issues.

Stand up to the FEAR tactics that people use. Stand up to bullies who keep hurting gay children, teens, and adults. Stand up to people who keep praising GOD that a gay/lesbian died in suicide. It is NOT a right to praise for the death of someone. It is wrong.

We have laws that we can use to fight back. Tolerance and respect is what we need to be.
We need to promote awareness and promote safe haven locations for GLBT people who are threatened to be harmed or killed.

Most of all Relationships are for ALL people. NOT just for straight people.

I made a promise to myself.
Whoever (man or woman) is the love of my life sitting next to me in my life. I am going to stand up for that person.
I will be a junk yard dog to all my family and friends.
I'll be saying LOUD and CLEAR: If you love me, then love who my partner is.
If you can't support my choice of WHO I want to love in my home, my personal life, and in all my friendships, then do me a favor.
Walk away. Walk away and you won't get hurt. Walk away, and nobody has to shout, throw things, threaten and physically attack.
If you choose to rumor, gossip, and spread falsehood on me and the person I love, you can bet your fanny bottom it will come back to hunt you. Even after death.
This is MY CHOICE and MY RESPONSIBILITY OF MY LIFE between me and my partner.
Interference on your part into my life and my relationship? You will hurt all people around you. Not just yourself, but your family, friends, businesses, and church ministry.

Let me love who I love. I am the one who I want. Who I am happy with is where I know I'm happy with that person.

To my former christian friends: I forgive you, but you are the one who must ask my former boyfriend to forgive of what you done to him.

No one has the right to decide some one's life or fate unless you are a (legally) a judge.

Thank you.

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