Wednesday, May 9, 2012


G'day Everyone.

Today's theme: One Huge Mess!

Why do I say that? Let's look at a few issues that are hitting our nation today.

We start with the North Carolina Mess.
Why is it a mess? Because most of the retired people that live in the state of North Carolina were mislead by the demented pastor Billy Graham who opened his mouth and helped the state become it's 30th ban on Gay-marriage. It also means that the state of North Carolina will face new legal challenges upon it's state constitution just like 29 other states will have to spend millions of dollars in defense of it. Will it be successful more to press a gay marriage ban upon all other states? For where tourist dollars are concerned as well as retirement living, time will tell. The day that Rev. Billy Graham gets called home for his judgment of his life, that may be the turning point of North Carolina's future then. One more thing: Before North Carolina may call itself "Pro-Marriage" as a definition, let them hope they win all court cases. I suspect in the very end of 2013, the court could VETO the ban in all 30 states. It could happen.

Then comes the shocking President Obama Mess
Can you believe that President Obama waited nearly 24 to 48 hours after Vice President Joe Biden declared that he was comfortable with Same sex marriage? That is Gay marriage, folks! For awhile, the White House tried to tamp down what Vice President Biden's remarks were saying in the light that North Carolina was voting on it's amendment to the the state's Constitution that supports a ban on gay marriage. 24 hours after the vote was over and the ban on Gay marriage passed (yes, you could hear all the cheering there), it was then President Obama finally had to come out and say "YES I support Gay Marriage!"
Shocked? Here's the reaction so far!
Should North Carolina regret what they have just done to their state in what our President just said? I think many voters better start thinking about the coming Fall elections next now.
States that are supporting gay marriage bans will be prime battle ground states this fall. It could get very politically messy for the future.

Meanwhile: The West Virginia Mess.
The Obama camp is really shocked that a Federal Prisoner still in prison managed to get on the voting ballot to grab 40 percent of the vote to Obama's 60 percent of the vote. Now that asks and shocks the general voter of West Virginia of just how a prisoner in a Federal jail cell in a State of Texas could still manage one "right" to get on the political state ballot where prisoners lose their federal and state rights while serving prison time?
So will the State of West Virginia investigate how this Texas Prisoner got on the ballot? I believe they will. It's most likely a judge will sentence that Federal prisoner to more extended prison time for rules violations. A Federal prisoner doesn't have the right to run for the for ANY election, whatever it be Federal or State or local positions. Once you are in prison, you lose all your rights to the outside world. I pity that prisoner in Texas. How he managed to get his name on the West Virginia ballot could give him more time in prison or spend the remainder of his time in solitary lock down for a while. Believe me, that warden in Texas could be madder than a hot sauce of chili beans already!
One bright spot is clear: it does show of just how of how much of an uphill battle Obama will face this fall 2012 with the voters.

Finally: The Mike McQueary Mess
Poor Mike McQueary. He may have just lost the best job he could ever have by saying "I'm a whistle blower" and suing the Penn State University for the very reasons we don't know. He's been on a paid administrative leave just to protect his life since October 2011.
Since he filed this legal claim against PSU, it could push things apart as Jerry Sandusky is trying to pick up things to use against the men he's raped in his upcoming June 5th 2012 trial.
Mike McQueary could be the front and center of the free for all court battles for both the prosecution and for the defense.
But at this point? Mike McQueary's decision to attack PSU at this point on his own is a bad one. Especially when the Sandusky case hasn't been decided yet. Maybe he does want to get back to work on the PSU campus. But it may be at this point that PSU does NOT want him to come back just yet. Since he filed this claim against PSU, he may have closed the door on his job and his chance to live in Happy Valley, PA ever again. McQueary should have just been patient and waited his time. Sad days for himself.

So whatever what mess you want to choose to watch, you got many choices on or watching CNN TV. Enjoy.
And remember messes require a clean up! Anyone got a political pail and a mop? Any one?

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