Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life Decisions are PERSONAL!

G'day Everyone.

I have to speak out. Not just at the media, not just at former friends or former (Baptist) Church members, not just our president, but to an entire world as a whole.

The people in this world, on an average, should be thankful to hear the warning from the Word of God by bible believing pastors that being an Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, or Transgendered (GLBT for short) is wrong. Just as doing drugs, smoking, and other harmful stuff as well is wrong. Going to hell should be wrong as well.

However, we all make life's choices for ourselves. These choice are PERSONAL of our lives.

Just because President Obama says that gay marriage should be supported and just because he had to save personal face because of his vice president's OWN personal support, that was the wrong choice to do as a president. He didn't have to force Vice President Biden to apologize for his actions. But you know, if Vice President Biden decides to step down, that would be Biden's own political PERSONAL choice he would have to decide himself, WITHOUT outside political interference (including from Obama himself). Yes, it would put Obama in a position where he'd have to make a whole new decision for himself to find a replacement VP in this election.

As I said no matter what sexual orientation you are (GLBTS. I added straight because it should be there), it is your own personal choice of your life. It's your body. Your responsibility before God and yourself.

To bible believers, you should be warned out there. Yes, you can warn even of your own fellow brothers and sisters that being a GLBT is wrong. But do back away after that warning is done. You have to let your brother and sister do what they believe is best in their lives. However, if you interfere in their personal lives, like screwing up their engagement, telling their gay boyfriend or girlfriend that their partner has cheated on them (whatever it be a truth or a lie), you could be viewed as a person who interferes in some one's personal relationship. Possible arrestable under the hate crimes laws. Even if you try to defend yourself by saying "but God told me to do it for you", that is weak and lame as it is.

Personally, I've been hurt by Christian believers and church members for what they done to my girlfriends and boyfriends long ago. It is a hurt that never heals. Some of the former church members realize their own personal testimony of their lives and have reached out to personally ask for forgiveness. Some can be forgiven. Some can't. Especially of their deaf pastors.

As I said, what you choose to be of your sexual orientation is YOUR CHOICE.
Your body, your life. People may not like of what you want to be. But that is what you are as an individual human being.

On a one personal note to say this: Obama is our President. He is NOT a gay president because he is still married. But only a supporter of gay marriage. Personally, every president has promised ideas of support to the GLBT community many times in election years. Only to betray us AFTER he's ridden the vote of the GLBT to victory.

Should the GLBT trust Obama? NO. Because if we do, we could get burned again. NO president is worth the vote of support by the GLBT. Not even for the GOP candidates either.

But that's my opinion. Use your faith. Research well. This year's vote is important of who you want for President. You decide. It doesn't have to be a GLBT issue.

This life decision for president of USA is PERSONAL for all of USA as Americans. Equal rights demands respect. Let's do just that. And may God guide us well.

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