Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eastman Kodak's nuke in the basement!

G'day Every one.

Nearly Every Rochester, NY resident has become horrified to hear that the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY has a nuclear device in it's basement.

Kodak Nuke article

But you know now that Eastman Kodak is bankrupt, this is the biggest bad public reaction they got in decades of their company history. It would NOT surprise even the founder of George Eastman. Not only he'd be angry, but rolling hard in his grave and wishing he could come back to life again and take back his precious company that meant so much to him.

Eastman Kodak looked like it was being funny in how many of the employees acted in Rochester when the nuclear stuff was put in places those 30 years ago. But then quietly as they started, gave it up. Now 5 years later they decided since the company is tanking apart, they might as well disclose it.

So what could happen next? Lawsuits, medical disclosures of health problems from employees and the surrounding neighborhoods. But, would any one win of those claims? Perhaps not.

Sadly to say, I'm disappointed in Eastman Kodak of having their own nuclear device. Even one that is weapons grade. But you know, any time you drive by Eastman Kodak and your radio has some static before and after passing the company building, you can just wonder of what the hell was that has now been answered.

As Kodak slowly disappears from the business landscape, we can't forget of how much Eastman Kodak life's work has changed the way we all remember people in the world through pictures that we keep.

Sadly, Eastman Kodak isn't able to keep up in this technically advanced age. But, as the business breaks up into something else, perhaps some good will come from it.

Like it or not, Eastman Kodak was a well grounded business for the Rochester, NY area. What's left is Xerox in Webster, NY. Let's hope that Xerox will stay in technology and not fade away any time soon.

One last note: I was disappointed that our nation's first indoor mall: midtown plaza, went into history forever. It was a place meant to be Rochester's most iconic history landmark. Now it is a landmark only to be remembered as an office complex. The world clock? Now has a home at the Rochester International Airport.

It's only the good places that are left to history. Sad to see them go. But, if there's anything worth to establish in Rochester, NY now would be time to make it happen.

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