Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spain's Stolen Adoption Scandal

G'day Everyone.

Can the Catholic church's problems get any more worse?

Try reading this one: Spain Adoption Scandal.

When you read this story, you really wonder if that poor nun was some demented persons who has screwed up the lives of many young couples and children. These children are all adults now questioning their parents and how the process of "adoptions" happened by this nun.

Even if the Spanish court doesn't prosecute her, God will do so at the moment of her death where God will find her GUILTY and render justice of eternity: Lake of Fire. Even if the catholic church buries her to say "enter into heaven sweet nun", God will have the LAST WORD over every priest, pope, and nun.

Spain has a lot to look at the moral issues of adoptions. Especially the ones done by a catholic nun alone. Will all these now grown adults find their real family they know and love? Given the passage of time and the death of some of these original family members of these "adopted" kids, some may never find out who they really belong to.

But at the present time, many of the stolen kids/adults of Spain need a blessing to continue their lives. Perhaps, be at peace. Justice will be done, whatever it be in Spain on Earth or at God Judgment court. Perhaps that nun may know something and intends to go to the grave. Whatever happens, these days are NOT on her side any more.

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