Monday, April 30, 2012

Guns and Self Defense

G'day Everyone.

There is a huge debate going on right now though out the nation. It is not just about to keep President Obama as our next president. Nor is it about who will be our next President from the GOP (Republican party).

The huge debate is about Guns and Self Defense.

CNN article

The debate has entered this election year now. Thanks to George Zimmerman. More and more people are doing the copy-cat shootings and claiming the self-defense doctrine. Police are doing more investigations closely as possible. Prosecutors are looking at the laws very carefully.

In this election year, law makers may not have a choice. The might have to snub the National Rifle Association (NRA) if more people keep shooting other people without any proper reasons for claiming "self defense".
To carry that gun, you must be actively engaged to protect your home. A car is NOT your home. The neighborhood is NOT your home. Nor is a shopping center either.

What may actually happen is that it all comes down on George Zimmerman's court trial. If George Zimmerman gets found guilty, the shooters in other court cases may want to plead real fast to avoid more prison time.

However, the George Zimmerman case could go from the conclusion of the trial to the Nation's Highest court in rapid time IF, Zimmerman feels the appeal to the Nation's highest court, The Supreme court has to happen. By what I mean in rapid time could be within less than 2 years, max.

So to say things clearly: Gun Owners, do yourselves a favor. Keep your gun at home. It is limited to your home defense. Don't carry it any where else. But fire that gun and kill another person? You deserve to lose that gun if you fire that off your own property (and I mean NOT FROM YOUR OWN CAR). Moral is: the moment you take the life of another person, you are a marked man by God. God knows exactly of what's going on and has a better judgment.

To own a gun is a right. But to use it in a commission of crime, it must be taken away and destroyed upon conviction.

Until the courts rule upon many cases in various states, this is going to be one rough election year. By the time this election is over, new laws will impact many people. Who changed the laws of self-defense? George Zimmerman and the copy-cats. It is them we will "thank" them for. It is also them that will have to lay low for the rest of their lives as well.

Until those cases happen, keep the gun at home and unloaded.

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