Monday, April 23, 2012

Sanford, Florida Police Chief RESIGNS

Update: The Sanford City council rejects the resignation of Bill Lee and told him to remain where he is, that is employed. The city council wants to wait for the results of an investigation. At this point, he remains on paid leave.

G'day Every one.

Sanford, Florida got rocked again today as part of the Trevyon Martin case.

While some say it's the right thing Bill Lee to do, it is sad to see this happen. Bill Lee may not be out in the clear yet. He could get called up in a later court date when Zimmerman returns. Zimmerman also has pleaded NOT GUILTY already at an arrangement.

So what will be the next thing to happen? A trial in 6 months down the road.

But for now, the community of Sanford Florida will continue to change. Perhaps it's police department will change as well. And perhaps at the most, The city council of Sanford, Florida should adopt a clear law about the "Stand Your Ground" law and limit that to one's own private property. Clearly Neighborhood watch groups need to have their guns taken away from them and leave them with radios, mace, flashlights, and nightsticks. They should be told one rule: "Observe, call Police, and Report it". That's it.

Perhaps, Bill Lee should take some serious time to consider his life and his testimony of what he will have to say to defend himself. A police chief's job is not an easy one. Especially when all the service police under him that go bad will be held accountable against him. My hope and prayer is this: Bill Lee's own accountable actions will be looked at as a question of why he didn't arrest Zimmerman. Maybe he believes Zimmerman's account. Maybe not now. My hope is that Lee will find a new career away from guns and law. Perhaps one where he can serve much better in his community.

Best wishes, Bill Lee.

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