Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Debt Collectors in hospitals now!

G'day Every one.

In our every day life, it was lawyers chasing ambulances to make a fast buck in the court room. Some times, that really worked for them in this life.

But now that illegal immigrants have been fleeing this country for their lives (like rats running from a sinking ship) and our country that is still in economic recession, I knew something would be bad coming around the corner.

Tonight, a shocker went up on the Facebook wall of a friend of mine. Of course, I STOLE (share is more like it) and it's taking off from there.

Here you should read about what the NY Times wrote about aggressive debt collectors in the hospitals: Debt Collectors in Hospitals

While the article states it's talking about what happened in Minnesota, but there should be cause for concern that this "practice" of debt collection may be spreading to hospitals in other states which have a dire need to collect their debts out there.

Would it be like a hidden debt collector as a paramedic person to pay up the ambulance before life saving treatment begins? How about the same for when the same patient arrives in the ER and gets told: "Before we can save you more, pay up first, we're broke".

That tells you the entire health care network is broke in it's system. It's not just the fault of the poor or disabled community, but the illegal immigrants that have taken advantage of free, NO PAY health care given to them while living in this country illegally.

As the illegal immigrants are fleeing back to Mexico as stated in this report: Illegals head for the border , we are now wondering what they have left behind in their wake?

At this point, we are now at the point of questioning: If hospitals are now demanding a pay up the front first before treatment (even life saving treatment), it brings all of us a new concern.
To that point to say is simple: A person who can't respond to the question might be allowed to die on the spot. Same for a deaf individual who might be denied an interpreter before doctors can help to provide treatment as well.

Does paying up the fees for the hospital help provide better treatment before recovery makes you better? I don't think so. If more hospitals (and ambulance companies) do this, more patients might prefer to die which will make it an increased business for the funeral home industry that is already overtaken in some states as caused by the natural disasters.

If I were to be confronted by a debt collector in my hospital room as I'd be recovering for whatever I had, I would get up, pull all my lines (IV and monitor lines) out, fall on the floor, and when emergency personnel get to me, I'd blame the son of a bitch debt collector on the spot for my death. The poor debt collector would have no choice but to flee for his life.

Hospitals, remember your oath: Do the patient NO HARM. Hospitals were created to be a life saving institution for all mankind. They are to treat the rich and poor person alike and equally. Race, creed, religious faith, disable or not, and sexual orientation do not matter. We are there to be treated equally as human beings.

Not as potential cash cows to be milked out on the spot to save your hospital before treatment happens.

Hospitals, show the debt collectors the proper door and put them where they belong: OUTSIDE the hospital institution.

If Debt collectors turn out to be much worse than bad doctors, then Obama's Obamacare is dead on arrival before the high court can even make a decision.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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