Monday, April 2, 2012

Obama Tells High Court NOT to overturn his "LAW"

G'day Everyone.

In what has become a concern for our nation, we should be concerned for what our President says about "his" health care law, which is dubbed Obama care Law.

Read two different news reports: Yahoo News and Huffington Post

While our President seems to issue a stern language (order is more like it) to the Nation's Highest Court, Our president must remember all the checks and balances that makes our Government work well in the last 230 years.

But if our President gets determine to put new laws in his favor by by-passing the highest court and congress themselves, then our government is really broken.

Obama must be patient. The day when the Justices of the Supreme Court rules on the Obama care Health law, it will be a day that even our own President must abide by it or else, we can kiss everything we knew about our nation good-bye after Easter 2012.

At this point, I would encourage my readers to tell everyone to PRAY for our Justices that would be guided by God to make the right decision for our nation's future.

Should they make a WRONG decision, then it will be a price that our present and future generations will pay for.

For our President? This health care decision will not be the corner stone of his 2012 election victory of accomplishments. There will be far more serious matters than this.

Keep watching. We haven't gotten to May 2012 yet when it will be real election politics that will begin for sure.

Until then, I'll clue you in later.

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