Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston passes away.

G'day Everyone.

Death came unexpected last night for Whitney Houston. Every one was SHOCKED of what happened and now an investigation is taking place.

Whitney Houston

When you realize that stars that die at a young age due to the pressures of the famous culture life that you life, it can be very rough.

Whitney Houston did have a rough life. She was used and abused. She tried to cope as much as she could do. She had an amazing voice. In the end, something didn't happen well and she was gone.
Especially at the age of 48 years old. Young.

Sherlock is in reflection of her passing. Note that Sherlock will turn a grand half century older this year. But being very concerned and careful of how life is happening out there.

However, I do want to remind everyone about a chick tract you must read.
Just remember, death happens at any time, whatever if it's a mistake we do like a drug overdose, or being killed by someone else (murder), or natural death.

Let us live according to the life God gives us. But remember, what we do does affect our future. Read the chick tract, please.

Whitney Houston, I may not listen to her music, but she's a wonderful person. Pray that God have mercy on her soul.

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