Monday, February 13, 2012

Judge Cleland rules.....

G'day Everyone.

Right now, the citizens of State College, PA and the State Attorney General of PA are very much in ANGER at Judge Cleland. In a high profile case, such as this one, Judge Cleland should not have opened a Pandora's box in which he may find himself at the wrath of Penn State voters who may start setting up a recall drive to have him booted OUT OF COURT next fall.

Judge Cleland's ruling

Neither Jerry Sandusky nor his attorney should have said anything when this ruling came out. Nobody is happy. It would have been better if Jerry Sandusky laid low and hid for his life.

Even though there's a May 14th coming trial, we could see some appeals and counter-appeals in the coming weeks. To be honest, Jerry Sandusky should be in Jail right now because of the serious charges.

Jerry really doesn't have any chance to win this case. Even for causing the death of Joe Paterno.
But let's hope when Jerry's grand kids finally grow up and learn about this case, they'll hope their dear old granddaddy is in hell before then because they'll most likely testify that Jerry did them.

One other thing for dear old judge Cleland: You better hope to God that there's a jury in State College, PA that hasn't been tainted by the news. But chances are good that the people will hide their knowledge until they get the case to debate. Believe me, a state college jury will take less than 1 minute to vote: TOTAL GUILTY.

Fare well, Jerry Sandusky. You already have been found GUILTY by God. You just don't know it yet till you die.

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