Thursday, December 1, 2011

Has Herman Cain been done in?

G'day Everyone.

I looked closely at Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. While the man has some good points in his plans if he became President, his ambition has been done in by series of women who launched their "sexual assault" allegations against him.

Herman Cain has no choice but to withdraw and fight these women in court. Even if he were to win in court against these women under oath, these women were nothing but political pawns used against Cain. Even if they do swear the truth, it might have been better if they were not put up to say it.

Presently, America has already been wondering if it has been too soon to be ready for an African American as a president? We all have looked at President Obama closely has he has done a lot of things for this country. Some of those promises he has made has not done too well. Even if he does try to make a comeback for a second term, would he make this country better than he has done in his first term?

Could America have done better if Hillary Clinton were the President? Many do believe that Hillary Clinton was the person many wanted her to be our next leader. But for some reason, Obama became our leader.

Now we are looking at how the GOP might have to replace Herman Cain with Newt Grinch. Newt Grinch was good as he was in Congress long ago. He famously put the country on it's financial track with "Contract with America" plans. Could Newt Grinch do it again in order to become the next President? That remains to be seen.

As we head in to December 2011, it will only be a matter of time before January rings in and then the political fight becomes much rougher.

For the current members of Congress, they don't have much of a choice, but must be mindful to pick their battles carefully with President Obama. Anything that sets off a struggle between the White House "VETOs" and Congressional override votes could really make things interesting.

Interesting to say that yesterday, President Obama was in Scranton, PA to give a speech. While it seems nice that he took the time to visit our state, I didn't get a chance to hear him speak.

The holiday season is here. Let us enjoy these moments of peace for it may never happen again in 2012.

Until next post, I'll clue you in.

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