Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yehs sentenced / Horse meat Menu?/ NC Fans sell out their team!


Do keep an eye on the DC papers. most likely something will be said soon.

G'day Everyone.

Normally I'd do breaking news today, but I choose not to.

First up: It was expected that the government would hand down a sentenced to the Yehs. In doing so, they did get a long one.


here's the most comprehensive article found on

As the viable case begins it's closing days and the convicted people head to prison, it is clear that some of these people will enjoy some sort of a last holiday with their family before they report to prison.

Second: Would you want to eat HORSE MEAT? check this out: Link:

In other words, pray that your local store doesn't start selling meat mixed with Horse meat. I hate to see the health reactions in people. It will get worse out there if it happens.

Third: If you are a college sport fan that support your local team and if you fall upon hard times and have to sell your tickets, do yourself a favor: Take them for a refund. Or better yet, sell them to someone who supports your local sports team.

Look what happened at North Carolina: Link:

Now that was bad. Get this: The next time you sell your tickets to the opposition fans, I will bet you this: You'll most likely get a visit from college officials at your home to question you why. There are some colleges who keep information about people of where they seat. Usually to be prepared for any type of incidents. I would be thinking North Carolina will be doing this from now on too. So whoever sold their home tickets to the UNLV fans, do yourself a favor. Forget the rest of your season tickets. You might as well send them back to North Carolina where students can use them. I really do have sympathy for North Carolina coach!

As we come to the end of November, take a good moment and breath well. 11 months of 2011 are finally done and gone. As we come to the month of December 2011, which starts tomorrow, let us remember that this is a season of good will, peace, and love to all. God bless to each of you.

Don't forget: Santa Claus has been watching and the clock's ticking: 25 days to Christmas!

Until next post, I'll clue you in!

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