Monday, November 7, 2011

Sex Scandal at PSU!

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Right now, the Penn State University Football world got rocked Saturday. Long before the match up between Alabama vs L.S. U. that night. So hold that thought about bama/L.S.U.

Here's the main event rocking Happy Valley, USA:




Everyone in PA is shocked by what's happened there. This could not have happened at a time when Penn State is on a BYE (no football game) weekend. It's also a question WHY the police waited till just this weekend and when it was just before the big Saturday night game on TV.

The whole PSU organization is reeling and of course, so is Joe Paterno. Could it be the coming end of the next 3 weekends that PSU will not have the heart to play the game? They could go 3 and out in 3 weeks and miss post season game.

But we really don't know. More than likely, Paterno may have to make a difficult choice of his career already. It may finally dawn on him that it's time to step down and let someone else make all the changes to his team. Not even Jay Paterno could lead this PSU Football team for any reason as well.

As the scandal rocks Happy Valley, it is clear the other teams are going to be seeking easy wins right now. But if there's any heart left in Linebacker University of PSU, they( the football team) will dig down into themselves and prove their best to defend Paterno and the PSU.

As it goes to say, the PSU scandal barely impacted the L.S.U. (#1) vs Alabama (then #2) game on Saturday night. It was a battle of the titans in Alabama Stadium. Alabama thought they could drool and grab the #1 spot in the BCS poll. But they never realized how tough L.S.U. was able to be!

L.S.U. fought with heart, courage, strength, honor, and loyalty. Alabama fought with everything in their trick books. But everything got attacked, nullified, and stiffed. Finally in overtime, they knew after the last touch of the football, they sensed that the defense was going to be hit badly.

L.S.U. drove close to the goal line and had one touchdown nullified(even though it was pretty much argued that it was a touch down despite stepping out of bounds). But they couldn't prevent the kick (even Nick Saban tried to ice the kicker) that sealed their doom and send Alabama back down just a tad of the BCS rankings.

Rankings list:

Presently PSU is at #12. LSU is #1 (still!!) and Alabama is now #4.

In the meanwhile, PSU faces 3 tough games. Nebraska Corn huskers are coming this weekend. This weekend will be Penn State University's last home game.

Then they hit Ohio State Buckeyes the following weekend.

Of the last game of the year will be the Wisconsin Badgers (we still won't forget how Wisconsin beat PSU badly!).

PSU faces a tough time. Keep in prayer for them.

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