Monday, November 7, 2011

The "NEW" Catholic Church mass?

G'day Everyone.

For months on end previously, the Roman Catholic Community was warned that "changes" were coming to the mass as the church seeks to return to the latin roots that was left so long ago.


I've seen the changes. I've spoke with a few people. Believe me, they are NOT happy. From what I've been told, the vatican has messed with the mass that is NOT broken. But they wanted to go back to the near latin mass that makes it to return to the old style of saying the mass.

Does it make sense? NO.

As priests have warned the church, tweaking something that isn't broke, isn't going to be worth the effort to do it.

So the question comes after Thanksgiving: How many will remain in the Catholic church and how many will pratically refuse to accept the changes? That depends on your local priest if he feels he must defy the elders of Rome (not to mention the Pope) in favor of saying the mass in it's current present form that people can relate to. Which adds up to this: How many people will really stay with the Catholic church?

That's a question in which some people are really going to be asking about their faith. As the day of November 27th comes, it will be an interesting reaction then.

But for now, the Pope had better pray hard to hold on to his church. Even in the USA as well.

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