Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Week to the day after elections..

G'day Everyone.

It's 6 days to go to the Fall 2011 Election day, but one week to the DAY AFTER 2011 elections which officially begins the 2012 Election season.

The coming 2011 election will be a test for President Obama and his democrats if they can hold on to the precious power in both Federal and State offices. But given to how things have been over the last few months, they may have thrown themselves into the political fire pit for sure.

Meanwhile, Herman Cain is in trouble. * BIG TROUBLE little Cain* type of story.



One problem for Cain's accuser: she'll be in the national spotlight. Just the same as the person who decided to leak the entire story to sabotage Herman Cain.

When this story broke, I asked myself a few questions: When the person leaked the story on this troublesome past of Herman Cain, was it for revenge? Political fodder? or simple to say that he/she wanted to work with Cain if he won the whole election but got turned down so he/she leaked out the story to stop Cain.

Whatever the decision that the person did to hurt Cain brought out more than he/she wanted to happen. Cain's political future is already in trouble and it he may pay a big political price. Especially if the accuser gets the go-ahead to air her story.

No matter what happens, Cain is done and gone from our standpoint. Especially since Halloween was just here, it does say that Cain does have Political BONES in his closet.

May the next 2012 Presidential Candidate prove better now. I won't throw any Political support for any candidate for President until after the Spring 2012 elections.

For now, let's get through the Fall 2011 stuff.

till then: watch for Tuesday!

next post, I'll clue you in.

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