Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can Joe Paterno HOLD ON?

G'day Everyone!

If the Union Messes in Wisconsin and Ohio were easy to explain away, they're not.

What is happening here in Penn State, especially in Happy Valley is NOT GOOD!


Finally, at the behest of much prompting, the PSU Board of Trustees have finally begun to investigate the sex abuse claims with a SPECIAL COMMITTEE.

Unfortunately, It should have started that 2 days ago when the news of the arrest began.

Poor Joe Paterno is now in the center of the fire storm where the people of PA (and beyond) have divided into two camps: Resign or keeping Paterno.

Unfortunately, the PSU Board of Trustees(BOTs) may not have a real choice in the whole matter despite what the people say. Even if Scott Paterno says that Joe Paterno may not retire, the retirement for Joe Paterno may have to happen.

Let's face it: we all have hoped and pleaded for Paterno to listen to the voice of his critics and step down before this college football season began. Some of our biggest fears have come to life: Not only we were afraid of Paterno dying on the field, but the possiblity of a scandal could happen. Well, it's happened!

With Paterno in the center of the fire storm MORE than Jerry Sandusky, there's not much hope that the PSU BOTs and supporters to save Paterno.

As I said previous post of this topic, with 3 games and one possible play-off, Paterno's Football career is in it's sunset song. More importantly, how will the entire team respond to all of this? What are the future effects on PSU as a whole?

We'll know soon enough when court battles for Jerry Sandusky begins.

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