Saturday, October 29, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals, champs? NOT!

G'day Everyone.

Last night, a local bar in my area exploded in rage, debate, and serious fights. What happened was something that should NOT have been expected.

The St. Louis Cardinals became World Series Baseball champs after surviving the gun bat blasts of the Texas rangers after they pecked back to force game 7.

But that's not why the bar exploded. The patrons felt like the Texas Rangers, tired as they were in game 6 as it was late innings, were tired again last night as St. Louis took advantage of them Texas. They (St. Louis) were handed the games 6 and 7. The other reason why the bar exploded was that St. Louis had too much of a home field advantage in the final game. They felt that it should have gone back to Texas and played there.

Others feel the final baseball game of the World Series should have been played at a NEUTRAL site some where.

Whatever it discussed, it was bad. Shouts, curses, fights, and mayhem happened.

Should St. Louis be declared the winner of the baseball game or was it just an Halloween fluke of October's baseball season? Whatever it is, The St. Louis Cardinals will have trouble of trying to prove themselves next year that they legally earned the Title. Even if they fail in their first 25 games to make and retain 1st place, they'll be dismissed as lesser World Champs and lose respect.

NO, the Cardinals will not be respected in any case. As much as it may be, they had better wish they hadn't won. Painting themselves as a target of every other team in the MLB as the team to beat, they had better wish they handed The Texas Rangers the crown instead.

Worse yet, Texas Rangers just might formally ask Former President Bush NOT to attend any World Series games in their Stadium next time (or any other President for that matter). Ex-president Bush's presence at the Texas stadium really threw The Rangers off their game plan as security was too tight for the teams.

MLB World Series in October 2011 will go down as the least watched game of all time. So how will MLB recoup to win back the fans next season in 2012? Hopefully by making changes to the rules in 2012 and playing all the World Series games at a neutral baseball site. Just like the Super Bowl does that.

While the cardinals are NOT respect, I will consider Texas the TRUE champions. They're the ones who did their best. Long live Texas Rangers!

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