Monday, October 31, 2011

Real Monsters at work!

G'day and Happy Halloween Everyone!

If you think REAL monsters were only coming out on Halloween, you'd be dead wrong.

Look at today's article:

If there's real monsters at work today, one of the best things to do is trick them. Some office staffs will do JUST THAT today as a measure of revenge. Maybe it'll work.. may be not.

Whatever happens, these monsters shouldn't be allowed to keep their jobs 24/7/365 days. It's not fair for everyone else to suffer when they're saints workers.

So, whatever happens in your office today, especially at your supervisor, do a favor: Put a live hamster in the desk. I did that and God.. I'd do it again! *cheers on Halloween!*


1 comment:

Sherlock Steve said...

IF there was a real reason, I'd really like to hear it. Because someone isn't telling anything and every time I apply for a job.. nobody doesn't tell me WHY I didn't get it. Legally, employers don't want to say for fear of lawsuits.
But, know what? the day comes and God judges.. employers are going to defend themselves poorly.