Friday, October 21, 2011

Gadhafi's Horrible death.

G'day Everyone.

When an evil leader is finally captured, he must have felt pure terror and may have shit/pissed in his pants when he knows he is about to get the ultimate punishment that he's handed out here on earth.

Some people say that Gadhafi should have been put on a plane and blown up by a bomb so that he could feel of what it was like for his victims that he done. Other says that village justice by real people where done at the moment he was shot in the chest and after lingering some time in mortal pain, shot again in the head to complete his dying passage from the world into eternal death.

What will the evil man find beyond death? Pain, suffering, fire, beatings (if any) by his victims, and more death.

Gadhafi was a man that handed out pain and suffering in his 40 years of power. But to hear of his painful end of his life, one can only imagine his pleas would fail and that he would suffer punishment by his people before the world could punish him further. Unfortunately, Gadhafi should have felt fortunate that his own people killed him rather than the world.

When I looked at the videos (sorry it's not posted here), Gadhafi was in a very bad shape. It was kind of stunning to see his violent end happen. Some say it should not have happened. But when a nation, like Libya, is hurting so much they would do the only thing they set out to do: Kill Gadhafi so that the nation can begin to heal.

If Gadhafi is buried in a poor man's grave, then that is his end.

For Libya, they now must travel a road to reorganize their nation and make things better. It will not be easy. But, they will accomplish great things. The World will be there to help them.

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