Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Bus Bullies Targets Deaf Kid!

G'day Everyone.

Deaf Community: RISE UP and SPEAK! Let our anger be heard! Hearing Community: RISE UP and REACT! One of your own has hurt a deaf kid!


What the video says (sorry no closed captioning here, what a waste!), is that a legally deaf kid was beaten up, had his hearing aids stolen, thrown out the window, STOMPED to bits, and then tossed in the trash.

Here's the updated article:

Even though the school has stepped up their approach to anti-bullying tactics, it is not enough.

It's time for warnings to be over. It's time for bullies to face the LAW!

I would advocate one policy that needs to be established: ZERO TOLERANCE TO BULLYING!
How that works? It's simple. Bullying equals FELONY ASSAULT! It's a clear case where police must be called in and arresting the students who has done the bullying. It's time that school districts and superintends send a clear message to bullies. This message is this: You, the bully, that hurts a student, no matter how simple it is, you will be arrested, prosecuted, and expelled from the school district. Your parents will be arrested right along with you!

In the last 5 years we've seen bullying rise to an epidemic rate. It's not just deaf students being bullied. But hearing students, hearing disabled students, Gay Students, Lesbian students, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered students being bullied. What happens? The average story does end, with out intervention happening, is that victims (who are bullied) ends in suicide! Does the bully feel remorse for the victim he bullied? Most often they scoff and say: NOT MY PROBLEM! I'M GLAD I DID IT!

Let these bullies and there parents spend some time in jail/prison and having an arrest record for the rest of their life. It's time that we used the law and protect students being bullied. Students have a right to an education without the fear of physical abuse in the academic world.

Stand up against bullies! Their time is OVER!

Till next post, I'll clue you in!


Robert Goodwin said...

...and there it goes... I finally hear about one of my worst nightmares during middle school happening. Not to me, but a younger child!

Have we regressed backwards?! A 17-freaking-thousand dollar bill?! The school and/or the bullies better be paying that. That's an easy criminal court case right there of destruction of private property or worse charges. The district attorney better be going after those people.

Dang... and I wonder why these kids never did that to me back then.

Bullies better leave those with worse disabilities alone, and they better hope someone with a fake leg doesn't take the leg off and kick them upside the head with it. Gives new meaning to a kick in the head...

bridget p said...

Being expelled off the bus is NOT enough! If these bullies do it on the bus you can betcha they do it at school during recess or when teachers are not looking! They need to make those parents of those children be accountable! Those are expensive hearing aides! More needs to be done not just a slap on the wrist to those kids!

Sherlock Steve said...

bridget P..

Look again at my article. I advocated that I want these bullies and their parents arrested.
This is what I advocate for now.
Expulsion is not enough.

Robert Goodwin said...

The charges should have been grand theft, defined as intentional taking property of others in an amount exceeding the state statutory amount.

The statutory amount depends on the state, usually around $200-500.

Or it could be larceny:

Look under Elements of Larceny, under Take. This is New York law:

"To "deprive" another of property means (a) to withhold it or cause it to be withheld from him permanently or for so extended a period or under such circumstances that the major portion of its economic value or benefit is lost to him, or (b) to dispose of the property in such manner or under such circumstances as to render it unlikely that an owner will recover such property."

Then there's grand larceny.

Add in possible charges of, if I'm understanding some things right, conversion (, destruction of private property, and assault and battery.

A criminal case right there, so why isn't anyone being hauled into court? The mom and district attorney, if not other legal people, should be filing the complaints and charges.