Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quake damages Gallaudet.

G'day Everyone.

I've been keeping tabs on one of my two beloved deaf institutions. Gallaudet University. As reports about the quake damages have started to show up on-line, here is a video log that shows some damages at Gallaudet.

And while news reports that say the Virginia quake was rare, Link:
, We should not discount the possibility of more quakes happening through out the USA in the coming years.

While it has been disconcerting of what's happened, Not only the George Washington Monument was checked out despite reports that it was leaning, the national church in DC also had it's spires destroyed too.

But one should look closely at this quake. God is sending a message to President Obama. Just previously in DC area, a new Martin Luther King (MLK) Memorial was just wrapped and put upon display on the Washington mall area.

Here's the question: Could the quake's message to the nation that we should NOT honor MLK? I wouldn't be surprised at this point. But none the less, the quake was indeed God's message. If President Obama chooses to ignore it (at the expense of our peril), we still have to face Hurricane Irene that could hit the nation at almost any time now.

Let's hope we won't suffer another major disaster this year. Natural or weather disaster.

Until next post, I'll clue you in.

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