Thursday, August 25, 2011

Left out of family/friend conversations Posting on FB.

G'day Everyone.

Have you ever seen this posting on (FB) this week? It says this and I'm going to put it here:

"Being left out of a hearing family/friend's conversations just because I'm only deaf person in the family or circle of friends. Whoever is hearing need to realize it is so hurtful for your deaf relative for being left out. If you have a deaf relative, please always include them in your chats - the deaf member wants to be part of your family or circle of friends.

Please copy and paste, hopefully the word will be spread and we can educate others. "

That quote, of this week, has been spreading across the deaf blog and v-logs world. May of the deaf authors, as well as myself here, have been posting about their lives of their family and making it clear that they will NOT put up with it any more.

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