Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In the news lately...

G'day Everyone.

Today, there's a lot of issues that I'd like to take up so here we go:

FEMA TRAILERS: First of all, we know how bad these hastly put together FEMA trailers can carry some health problems, but they're ready for one reason: To provide shelter for 18 months as people rebuilds their homes after a natural disasters. Yes, it takes time to build a new home! But we all need some basic shelter from the elements. However, if you live in a town like Cordova, Alabama, you better check your local laws to see what they say about trailers when natural disaster strikes.
A lot of people are in petition mode and a possible lawsuit. Some people are just leaving their destroyed homes and move else where. A very ugly situation for the town.

If you plan to go to Europe this summer, including Germany, you may want to ask for your flight deposit back!
A number of people have cancelled trips as the e.coil outbreak has been becoming worse there. It hasn't hit the USA yet, but people should be aware that something awful is going on. Let us hope our Food Industry is taking serious protections in our food chain from the farm to the store!!

And you know, just as colleges and high schools are ending their class years, students are throwing away good stuff. Link:,pa
Keep an eye out for your local college/university of a trash to treasure sales. Student that throw away stuff may actually turn out to be some of the best stuff to find for the local community.
Sadly to say, as colleges begin to clean out the dorm rooms in preparation for the coming school year, some colleges do find evidence of past drug use in the dorm room. Worth to prosecute? Don't know. But, depending on the college/university rules, it could be enough to prevent that said student from living the dorms again. Let's hope there's responsible students out there.

Presently, I missed my annual memorial day post. But enough to say this: Welcome to the start of Summer 2011. We're all feeling the unusual heat lately across the nation. Will it get worse? Possible. But stay watchful of the weather at all time. Be safe in camping and swimming.

Enjoy the middle of the week.

Till next post, I'll clue you in!

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