Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Churches get Will money!

G'day Everyone.

It never fails to amaze me. Just when you think how many people dying will put their entire estate in trust to a religious organization.
Try this one on for a size:

Not only I was shocked but I was sad for this woman. While she may have no case here on earth, but in God's court she has a case! Jesus hates these kind of people who persuade them to donate their entire estate to their cause in order to do more "good works" in the world. But what kind of testimony of that leaves with the surviving family members? A very bad and bitter taste that prevents them from accepting Jesus Christ for salvation later.

Not too long ago, a certain priest in a catholic church used the old ways of the church to get my aunt to save all of her money and live like a poor person she lived. Her dog, which needed expensive vet care, was left to die in pain of it's life. My aunt smoked like a chimney daily in her life. In the end, lung cancer claimed her.
At her death, she was given a cremation and stuffed into a shoe box and buried on top of her parents.

However, what we found out that she had left her entire life savings: Her own money and the sale of my grandfather's farm to the water company (which that farm would have been over a 100 years old if it was kept in the family) and it was the total that popped our eyes: she had more than $1 million dollars. But did she share it with any of the relatives she knew (even me)?
No. She trusted the priest who told her that he money would earn her good works to gain entry into heaven. Just like Harold Camping on family Radio would say the same thing. Unfortunately, my aunt died a painful death and slipped away into eternity of hell.

What about the poor priest? Not too long ago, the priest quit the local catholic church and retired. My thinking is that he pocketed the money and was going to live a comfortable retirement life at a priests home. He never got a chance to enjoy it. I believe God struck hard and buried the poor guy. The catholic church may have his blood money, but their lives are also in danger.

Harold Camping's life and those that run Family Radio are in the very danger of God's judgement that will fall upon them. To accept some one's entire estate bequest is like akin to have physically rob a certain believer of all senses. Harold Camping and Family Radio should reject entire estate donations in view of the economic situation in our country. Relatives of the Estate need help in this time of need and it would be the right thing to do.

There are churches out there that instruct believers of their ministry to leave a tithe of an estate bequest to the church. That's just 1/10th. Churches don't need all of the estate from people. Only if it's proven that no one is able to be given in inheritance of the estate, then the church ministry can accept it all.

Churches need to be careful on how they instruct their congregation in making out their wills. It may be nice to leave part of the estate to the church, but a full donation of it will bring a case of scrutiny upon the church. This is something that the church doesn't need.

Finally and lastly, here's a prediction I make on Harold Camping and the old Catholic priest of my aunt: When Harold Camping dies and joins the priest in hope that they'll be going to heaven, they won't get there. Instead, they'll have to make ONE stop.

The Great White Throne Judgement Seat. King Jesus will ask each of them WHY they should be in Heaven. But you know, they'll fail right there and then. The books will be open and showing all of their life's works before them. But when Christ says:"Is their names in the Book of Life"? That is when the angel will open that great Book of Life and will look carefully. The only response will be: "No, Lord, their names are NOT here!".

Harold Camping and that old Catholic priest will cry out in fear "No! NO! JESUS IS LORD!" and will be carried away into the Lake of Fire.

Churches and pastors and priests should be careful of accepting estate donations. Their life and their church testimony will always be on the line.

till next post, I'll clue you in.

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