Monday, May 2, 2011

The turning point in life.

G'day Everyone.

As America wakes up to the news that Osama Bin Laden (OBL) is dead, we are left to wonder of the turning point in life now for the entire world. It's like we're asking: What's next?

I'm not going to give you a lot of news links here, but only to say that you should look on the major news sites like or . Of course, the news sites are blaring the trumpet of OBL being dead more than Pope John Paul II becoming BLESSED yesterday. For PJPII it's one more step before he's declared Saint PJPII. But many of us do consider him a saint already. For OBL, those in the Islam world may consider him their own saint already, but many of us believe OBL is already in HADES and awaiting the day of Judgement at the Great White Throne where King Jesus will preside and officially declare that OBL's life is NOT in the Book of Life and will be given his FINAL DESTINATION: LAKE OF FIRE where OBL will have to kneel for eternity and say JESUS IS LORD while burning to his second death permanently.

I take no joy in this death of Osama Bin Laden. We have reached a major turning point for everyone in this world. Right now, all the nations are putting security on high alert. Why? Because of those that followed Osama Bin Laden. If those same followers carry out the final death orders of attacks in the name of OBL and kill more people to revenge for OBL death, then they're mistaken to do that. OBL followers should try to attack God and Jesus Christ. But sadly to say, God and Jesus Christ would take one look at these stupid OBL followers and utter one POWERFUL word that would blow them all away completely.

I do want to send one message to the followers of Osama Bin Laden and here it is:


Why? These people fell into a religious trap. They think that OBL will give them a lot of blessings if they serve him. But they're free now. They should give up, walk away, and go home to their family that misses them.

But if they think they're going to be in victory for OBL, they will meet the same fated end that OBL meet. When they realize it, it will be too late for them.

September 11, 2011 will finally have a lot of meaning this year. This year will give us great pause to remember all of those that suffered at the hands of OBL. Maybe there is comfort for our nation that OBL has finally gotten justice. Justice of which God finally lead the military men and women, who put their lives on the line to put the fatal bullet in OBL.

Honor, Duty, Loyalty, and Justice. God delivered OBL to his death. That is the judgement upon him.

As the world remembers those that follow him, we will remain on alert until the final terrorist is either captured or put to death.

Until next post, I will clue you in.

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