Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The river bank blown up to save a town!

G'day Everyone.

If you live along the river, especially the Mississippi river, then you know how high a river can get to be after a rainstorm. Sadly to say, the Mississippi river has flooded over not only from the melting snows, but from the repeated rainstorms lately.

Flooding is always an issue when you live along the river banks. Towns should be doing their duty to make sure an anti-flooding system is in place to protect people.

But what happens when all else fails and some one like the U.S. Army corps of engineers says "We have to blow the river bank to save the town and the river!" . Guess what. It happened.

They blew up a bank in Missouri just to save Cairo, Ill. The water was put into an 130,000 acres of farm land that was just spring planted and flooding out families that live in the area. Of course, The Missouri officals went to U.S. Supreme Court to stop the blasting and hoped to find another way to ease the possible flooding.

Guess what? With out a comment or word, The U.S. Supreme Court ignored the case which sent the OK signal to the U.S. Army to carry out the plan.

But, what if it's a disaster of a mistake? What if things just went from bad to worse and that the blasting shouldn't have happened? Unfortunately, it's too late. The levees have been blown up. The water is rushing out and destroying everything. Intentional ideas to save a town, only to realize that it's worse than done.

In the coming days and weeks after the Mississippi, there will be countless questions, countless lawsuits, and a lot of finger pointing. The U.S. Army will be caught in their own mistakes and wondering why they acted so stupid? A lot of clean up and recovery will have to happen. Many people will be moving their family away from the river because the town did not do their jobs right along with the U.S.Army.

Don't mess with the river. Build up the banks. Build a excess water system that can safely divert the water else where when possible. Like sending it to the dry state of Texas some how!

As I have previously walked along the river bank near my home, the river is a wonderful place to be. But if mankind doesn't do the job right to protect the area, like building a dike or raising the river bank higher, then you got an area that is prone to flooding.

Respect nature, it still rules life in this world. Nature is a part of weather too. It can't be controlled. But we can make sure lives are not lost when nature gets angry.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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