Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Movement in the Rutgers suicide case.

G'day Everyone.

Finally, Tyler Clementi's former roommate: Dharun Ravi, has finally been charged with a gay hate crime.

We have patiently waited for many months since Tyler's death, as of suicide, would result in his roommate and his friend Molly Wei would be charged with various offenses. At this point, Ravi has more charges. But will Wei be charged more or is she working for clemency? It is a pity that Ravi hurt Tyler pretty hard.

Bullying against the gay and lesbian community has been on the rise. Especially when they're attacked by religious groups as well. Rutgers University is doing all it can do to protect their students against being bullied by other students.

As the court case gets watched more closely, it should stand as a message to anti-gay bullies and religious groups alike: NO right to hurt the gay and lesbian community!

I hope one thing, that Ravi and Wei formally apologize to everyone for their actions. Everyone feels pain when people are bullied. This is not acceptable at all.

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