Saturday, April 23, 2011

How INTERESTING of hidden tunnels of England.

G'day Everyone.

Ever carefully watch for something interesting to see?

This came across on the photos of the day on yahoo:

But when I read the posting carefully, it lead me to this site: and

The topic is about the hidden London Royal Mail Railway system! When I saw this site, these had some of the most unique pictures that I ever read. My advice here....GO READ BEFORE IT'S REMOVED!!
Keep searching and you will find more photos too.

But if you visit London England and attempt to find it, you won't. It's most likely sealed up for good. But you have to admit to a historical buff, it would make some wonderful tourism activity to look around.

Believe me, in almost every city in the world, there are abandoned railway beds, sewers, and other underground tunnel that have fallen into disuse. But, if a city were to spruce up these sites and turn them into historical tourist sites, they could be worth an interest to the public and the city visitors to pay their way to look into history. The pictures that I saw are one such examples of history that is certainly worth to preserve.

Who knows what's hidden underground in the major cities like Washington,DC, Baltimore, NYC, and Los Angeles? If we could find a way to make use of these places, then we wouldn't worry about them falling in and causing major problems later. Who knows?

So when you go out on your own to a place, make sure you take your camera (digital). Make sure you got fresh batteries, plenty of camera cards, and a whole amount of time and patience. Remember, adventure happens UNEXPECTEDLY. No matter how far and how long the adventure goes, relax, be patient, be alert, be curious, be aware where you are, and have fun. The more you discover, the more it will be worth to show off and brag about later. One expert advice, have someone going with you on your adventures. It's better to have a witness and better to have someone to get help for you in case something happens.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

Cheers to the Lads of SILENTUK.COM for finding these tunnels, bringing back the pictures, and coming back safely! SALUTE!

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