Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Surpreme Court Betrays the USA!

G'day Everyone!

Shocking NEWS:

It's a sad day for our nation when a Baptist church like the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) thinks they can "celebrate" and praise God for handing them a "victory" of the right to go to military funeral and protest it after being given the "green light" to do so.

The old fossils that we call our "justices" that sit on our U.S. Supreme Court seats have just betrayed God and our nation. They claim to love the Word of God and our U.S. Constitution. Has their common sense taken a leave of absence? They all may have dementia at this point and it's very sad.

Freedom of speech has been a corner stone of the foundation of our nation. But when an individual or an organization, even a religious organization like the WBC, begins to ABUSE the freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Religion in the wrong intent of things, then we have grave concerns for our nation at this point and for our people. Especially Christians who live and worship in Baptist churches.

Today, I'm doing one thing that I know will invite critics upon me because I intend to pass a warnings and judgement.

The warnings. What the Supreme Court has done in handing the WBC a their "victory" was more of judgement from GOD to be visited upon our nation. We could foresee stronger storms of destruction this coming spring and Summer.

For the fools, who attend and "worship" in the WBC, ought not to praise and thank God for their court victory here on earth, but they now ought to realize God will require judgement upon them at the very judgement seat of Jesus Christ. That is where God will hold JUDGEMENT OF COURT through his son, KING JESUS!

WBC is the very ones who decided to abuse the freedom of speech with harassment at every military funeral of our service people. God is not pleased with WBC. They're the very ones, who put the name of the ministry: BAPTIST, to great shame out there. Every Baptist church should defend themselves now because of what WBC
is doing. How many more funeral protests by WBC happens before they get seriously hurt out there?

I honestly think every lawmaker in the State and Federal governments will introduce a new bill in their law making body that will prevent street preaching at Funerals, even military funerals, as a FELONY PUNISHMENT! WBC should be respecting our military people who died. But to preach and disrespect our service men is the wrong idea and a very deadly one.

How long will it be before the first WBC person dies at a military funeral protest? It won't be long. Not since this court decision has come down. WBC people better watch their step at their next funeral protest. The moment they start, there's no telling what the anti-WBC crowd will do. The first shot at them will be the shot heard around the nation for sure.

How many Baptist church will decide to remove their name "Baptist" today? How many people will quit being a Baptist? That's going to question many Christians out there. Thank God I'm no longer a baptist. I've seen some bad baptist churches out there and WBC is the WORST ONE OF ALL.

Many people are already praying that WBC will suffer destruction one day and the death of their pastor. When their pastor dies, the one that replaces him better be having some common sense to take control of WBC completely.

I'm too angry today. Just letting God do judgement upon the high court and WBC soon!

Update: I may not think well of computer hackers, but one guy did just the right thing for us today:
and yes, the Westboro domains are down. *CHEERS*. Such is justice of God.


Tousi said...

The Supreme Court did not rule in favor of this stupid church; it ruled in favor of the First Amendment. Not wise to meddle with free speech. Now that you have seen my perspective, I hope it gives you some relief.

Sherlock Steve said...

In speaking to Tousi:

While it is clear that they ruled in favor of Free Speech, many people do agree that Westboro Baptist church are using that ruling to the point of an ongoing harassment of our service people's funerals. Common Sense has left our older justices mind and many people do agree that they got dementia and need to have their heads examinated by the mental health professionals.