Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nuclear Plants at RISK in the USA?

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Earthquake at a 9.0 (or greater) shook the ground. After the quake, a Tsunami hit everything, including power stations. In the worse case situation, nuclear plants lost power. Water stop flowing. Fuel (current and used) rods became exposed. Fire happened. Hydrogen gas exploded making the the place WORSE than the quake did. Meltdowns are more than possible and on-going. Call it a perfect storm of disasters. Nobody never saw it coming. We all thought it was that way in the movies. Unfortunately, this all happened in today's JAPAN.

It's still on-going in Japan. Things are getting worse day after day. People are fighting to survive there. I wouldn't be surprised if the very nation of Japan has to evacuate their own island of a nation completely. But the way things are going on, anything could happen there.

But, what about here in the USA? Yes, we should all be concerned about OUR Nuclear plants across the country . People want re-assurance that disaster drills are done correctly. We are facing uncertain times in this new century of life. Nature is changing. Storms are getting stronger. If you thought winter of 2010 was bad, we still got Spring, Summer, and Fall 2011 to deal with. How strong will the hurricane season be?
Do current nuclear plants need to be re-made better to make a clear protection? I'd say yes. We may not be able to fully protect our nuclear plants, but you know, we must be concerned with natural disasters.

Maybe some nuclear plants need to be shut down because they're too close to the ocean. Some too close to a quake zone fault line. Like the one in this article:

Whatever happens to our nuclear plants, we must be ready for natural and man-made disasters. Japan's quake and Tsunami was our wake up call all for every nation with nuclear power plants over the world.
We may not like nuclear plants, but they produce the power we need. Safety must be taken with extreme sense of caution with these plants.

What happens in the future if failure to bring these nuclear plants under control if there's no water to get to them? Look no further than what's happening in Japan already. If Japan fails to cool reactors, we will see environmental disaster there. Pray for Japan. Success or Failure, these people will need support of the World for some time to come.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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