Monday, February 21, 2011

RSG007 blog to get hot this week.

G'day Everyone.

This week, there's a saga going on with my good friend, Robert Goodwin. He's had a busy life with school and other things going on for him. When he's told me of what he's going to be blogging this week in his blog,, you may want to wear some asbestos gloves. Actually, get some fireproof glasses to read by.

Ok.. that was a joke. But I know what's coming in his blog this week. I'm not about to spoil it for you all. :-) Just enjoy reading Robert's work.

Meanwhile, Libya has affected the gas prices in the world again as another revolution has hit another part of the arab region. Civil war could break out. It could get very messy and violent. Link:

Americans and American businesses are requested to leave Libya asap. I have several old classmates in that region. I told them in a message the other day to get the hell out to either Israel or some other safe country and get back to USA. But no word if they're still alive or not.

Here in the USA, the growing protests of the state budgets are also weighing on many people. Today, CNN said the Government could shut down March 4, 2011! That's getting really nasty in our government right now. Oh boy. Here's the link of what would happen if it did happen: Link:

One final part of news. A few posts ago, I reported that a girl won a wrestling tournament when her competitor defaulted not to wrestle her. I'm pleased to report that she has LOST the tournament all together when two STRONG boys (*cheers*) pinned her TWICE and she was done!
Hopefully some school officials and athletics will take a look at themselves and make new rules for the coming year and require teams to have at least 3 girls on it or no wrestling at all.

I have to go back to the snow. eecch.
Till next post, clue you in later.

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