Saturday, February 12, 2011

The IMPORTANT reason why illigal immigrants must be arrested or DEPORTED at once!

G'day Everyone!

Illegal Immigration is once more packing the headline news. As the Egyptian revolt is now over and they're cleaning up their country, our nation turns to news about illegal immigrants.


When you hear an illegal immigrant has killed 3 people and countless others do numerous criminal acts, does it mean that all of these illegal immigrants get to stay in USA? HELL no! When ONE illegal immigrant does a criminal act, all of these illegal immigrants are blamed for the same crime they do!

And get this bit of note in the article:
"There are an estimated 498,000 immigrant fugitives in the U.S."

I went: "SAY WHAT?!" when I read that article? Meaning, there's more than a half million illegal immigrant felons running round about and committing crimes when they should be caught, put in jail/prison, and then sent back to where they came from.

Should we start to label illegal immigrants the new HOMEGROWN terrorists? I would have to say that as an opinion of YES. Because as long as they commit crimes here in USA, everyone of them is a part of that crime as well. Until the number of illegal immigrant felonies falls down below 1000 people, they can't be made welcome here. Our nation has a duty to protect it's citizens. We have been invaded by illegal immigrants. It is time that we fight back and put them back where they belong, in jail and sent back to where they came from.

Our citizens deserve to live free and secure from all harm. An illegal immigrant doesn't deserve to be here. Catch them, turn them over to the police so they can be sent back home. An illegal immigrant that commits a crime is a person that deserves to suffer the wrath of judgement of justice.

till next post, I'll clue u in.

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