Monday, February 14, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Gallaudet WILL Abolish 17 programs by 2013!

G'day Everyone.

BREAKING NEWS: Gallaudet University (GU) will abolish 17 Programs by 2013!

The word is getting out to Gallaudet Students and Alumni that 17 programs will be abolished at Gallaudet University by 2013. This will impact the university after 2013. So what programs are getting cut?
Reading the article closely, I can see the break down:
6 undergraduate majors will be cut.
6 undergraduate minors will be cut.
3 masters degree programs will be cut.
1 educational specialist will be cut
and 1 doctrinal degree program is going to be cut.
That's 17 programs, folks.

What's left after gutting will be the programs combined for a streamlined majors at GU.

While these programs are going to be gone as students are still in these programs, it should serve as attention for prospective GU students and any returning students to get to Gallaudet University if you want to be in those programs before they're gone.

One can only say that Gallaudet has taken a hard look at the academic trends, the job markets, and the economic situation as well as the employers that are looking for specific graduates. Choices for GU to eliminate such programs are unpopular and hard to do. But these are times that Gallaudet must do to keep themselves in the higher educational competition. Why didn't any of the previous Presidents at Gallaudet make these decisions? No. They left it to put President Hurwitz on the hot seat. On the hot seat, Hurwitz may well be right now as well as the Gallaudet Board of Trustees.

Let's hope that these academic changes allow the future Gallaudet students a greater success of landing employment with major companies despite the bleak and slowly recovering job market.

With that being said, tough days are coming in the academic world.

till next post, I'll clue you in.


mishkazena said...

Some previous presidents have made the program cuts. Jordan did a lot of cuts around 94-95. That included some majors, the abolishment of A.A. programs, and the closing of NWC campus.

Sherlock Steve said...

and you know.. the closing of the NorthWest Campus was the biggest mistake of Jordan and The Previous GU BOTs. Now nearly 15 years later, we're going through another round of "cuts". BOTs are going to fry for this one. Hurwitz may be sitting for just one 5 years of a term (or his passing, God's choice) and this could be his biggest chance to explain it all on Februrary 17. Hurwitz better do his best or another (God forbid) protest happens.