Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here's another illegal Immigration post.

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G'day Everyone.

Once more, Illegal Immigration is in the news. This time, Congress is taking a HARD look at the 14th Amendment which promises automatic citizenship to all people born here.

In everything that is going on about illegal Immigration these days, everyone is taking a very close look that the 14th amendment. That is why these illegal immigrants come over with pregnant women in hopes that a child born here will become anchor babies that will lead to automatic citizenship for every family member there with the anchor baby.

In sense to this point: the 14th amendment has been abused to the point by illegal immigrants who are trying to seek an easier life by the shortest short cut ever: A kid born here. That is the worst thing you can do to the life a baby who will come to regret their actions of how they were created for their living purposes.

Some say, Don't put the 14th amendment on trial. I would tell them it's already too late. The 14th amendment has been on trial by public opinion ever since illegal immigrants have started to use it to make kids born here.

Some say to close this loophole so that only TRUE natural citizens can have their kids born here to become USA citizens. I support this opinion.

Some say keep this loophole open. That is asking for a flood of illegal immigrants who could become a potential threat to American safety and security. The loophole *MUST BE CLOSED*.

As Congress began to read the Constitution this year, including the bill of Rights, you know that this is going to be year that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights could be revised to change with the times and the security of it's citizens. The Founding Fathers of USA never looked beyond their lives of how long USA would survive as a union from a young country into a nation that it is today. They have never faced so many issues that have happened since the Revolution, The civil war, and other major wars that our nation has gone through.

Perhaps the time is right for the Constitution and to be looked at carefully by Congress. Many people may not like it, but look carefully. The laws and right of the yesteryear need to be changed to reflect of what we are now today. This could be a hard pill to swallow, but how people become citizens of this nation *MUST BE PROTECTED*.

That is to say this: The back door entrance into USA through anchor babies *MUST BE SHUT* completely. Will it stop illegal immigrants from entering the USA? Maybe not. But making life tougher for illegal immigrant babies here just might have to be the thing we have to do.

Illegal immigrants should go back home and take care of their own nation first. Coming here and bringing all their problems with them is NOT going to solve a problem back in their nation. Go back home and change your nation. At the same time, apply for citizenship in USA the legal way as well.

till the next post, clue you in!

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