Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Breaking news: List of majors that will be closed at GU.

G'day Everyone.

A source on the campus of GU, whom I will decline to identify, has given me a link that shows WHICH majors will be CLOSED by August 2013. (at the same time MishkaZena beat me to the posting on deaf read. Good going Mishka!).

Link: http://www.gallaudet.edu/documents/BOT/BOT_PPTF_Resolution_February_2011.pdf

If you can't see what's being posted on the GU site.. here it is:

• Ed.S. Change Leadership in Education
• M.S. Administration
• Ph.D. Special Education Administration
• M.A. Deaf Studies: Deaf History
• M.S. Leisure Services Administration
• B.S. Computer Information Systems
• B.A. Chemistry: Chemical Technology
• B.A./B.S. Computer Science
• B.A. French
• B.A. International Government
• B.A. Theatre Arts: Educational Drama

and the following minor degree programs:
• Art History
• Communication Studies/English: Journalism
• French
• German
• Women’s Studies
• Religion

One of the things I do oppose of them closing is the CIS/CSC and M.S. in Administration. Those are must need studies that keeps in the competition against NTID and other colleges.

I think many of us have to consider whatever if Gallaudet is doing the right thing or NOT. Let us discuss this issues together before Hurwitz makes his State of the University Address on Thursday at 1pm in the Elstad Auditorium.

We need to come up with questions for Hurwitz and the GU BOTs. The time is NOW to question their actions.

Till next post, I'll clue you in.

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oma said...

I just think that eliminating CS may not be in sync with the technology career realities of today. What needs to be changed is the outdated curriculum. However, for CIS, it should be simply assimilated into the current superior IT program.