Thursday, January 13, 2011

TSA Posts Guidelines for Deaf and Disabled Travelers

G'day Everyone.

This came out from the NAD in a email to registered people. I decided that it was better that it reaches the Deaf and Disabled traveling public so that they should be aware of what's going on with the TSA.
The TSA issues some new guidelines. So here they are:


Just be sure, as a deaf traveller, that you intend to pay the high airline fees out there. But take my suggestion: Go Amtrak or Go Trailways or Go Greyhound.

Best wishes.


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AlabamaTalk said...

Wow.. my opinion, is they should have interpreters on stand by, 24 hours a day.. and that would help.. cuz some TSA personnel do not understand some basic deaf sign language, Guess it is no different than a person who speaks German, and TSA personnel can't understand a word of German... That's a problem.. solution.. interpreters simple as that..