Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SOTU review: how does it benefit this nation?

G'day Everyone.

I have missed the State Of The Union (SOTU) last night. Usually I would record it on my VCR had not technology caught up where you could read the entire text of it or see it as a video replay too.

But one thing is for certain: How does this SOTU benefit this nation? It's blowing hot air promises that may or may not become reality to assist our nation.

Yes, many our congress members have been politically fighting so much, things may never get that done as it should be. Congress may never get better either.

Right now, Obama is on the clock now to his last SOTU address. Which means, he must make sure he can make some accomplishments that will put him in good graces with the average Joe Citizen that will want him for a 2nd 4 year term. But the question is: will Obama do enough to gain a 2nd term? Or was just his presidency a short term just to express outrage at the last president? We will not know for sure.

Whatever it is, these next two years are now on the clock. It will be in January 2013 when the next President is sworn in. Either Obama or someone willing to take the responsibility for this nation. Whoever it is, this person will have the next coming worse term the nation will see.

Till next post, clue in later.

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