Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Snatcher caught. Here's why!

G'day Everyone.

My heart breaks for many families out there. Why? Because someone snatched a baby away from them for only one purpose: Just to "produce" one of their own.
Read the article: http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/01/25/baby.abduction.profile/index.html?hpt=C2

Earlier this year, a 23 year old kid finally wised up and searched the 'net when her "mommy" couldn't produce a birth certificate. That makes me think of how this mommy got away with a lack of birth certificates over the years when schools, doctors, dentists, and DMVs all demand for Identification today. WHY didn't they catch this one girl when her own mother failed to produce a birth certificate? From the past to today's system of schools, hospitals, and other places that requires to check IDs failed this young girl for 23 years.

It took her guts, Internet savvy, and faith to find the truth. AND SHE DID!

Now her "mommy" is caught in prison. Trying to deny it all. But there's no way she can return 23 years back to this young girl that wasn't hers to her rightful family. Right now, they're all going through the awful aftermath that will take time to heal. But for the person who stole this baby? She may be on her way to prison for life.

But there are thousands of other families who are in hopes that their child will return home after being taken from them. The children who were taken in the 1980s are more than likely old enough now to start considering their past. I hope and pray they search hard and find their true family.

Some of these child kidnappers would rather dare to go to the grave with their awful secret than to tell the abducted child the awful truth of their life. If they do that, there's an awful surprise waiting for them after death and that's the judgement of God. There's an eternity of pain and regret waiting for him with no hope of heaven.

So my dear readers, pray that these baby and child abductors will have some sense of mercy and let these children return home to their true family.

To the child abductors, who might be reading my blog? Some of the best things for you to do today. Turn yourself in and let the child go. Sure you will have to go through the judgement of law. But if do it today rather than waiting to be caught, which will happen at any point in your life, mercy could be extended to you as well. The only things that you will face is: Regret, the child you abducted and their family to hate you for eternity.

Pray for all the abducted and kidnapped kids in this poor world.

Till next post, I'll clue you in later.

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