Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First of the year videos!

G'day Everyone.

Ok.. I'm late on my own New Year tradition. Usually every year, I try to choose a video that makes a theme for the year. Well, I'm late. Better late than never they say. I found the videos and the topic.
Theme for this year: I honor Charles Nelson Riley. The guy was not only an actor I liked very much, but he was a star on the game show called MATCH GAME. He had a wicked sense of humor. (next to Richard Dawson).
So, here we are:
First: The Jib original:
Now one thing I tried to ask to do us all a favor: put the lyrics or close caption their movie.
they never did.
So here it is, for your own viewing, the Lyrics to Weird Al: C.N.R. ENJOY!
As the new 2011 year rolls on, a lot of news is happening out there. I'm not about ready to comment on any of them, but just be aware of the NFC and the AFC Football Championship games this coming Sunday:
NFC: Green Bay Packers vs the Chicago Bears. Advantage: Bears. They just might win. Packers may love playing in Wisconsin snow.. but give credit to Chicago. This year is Chicago's year to win the NFC title.
AFC: New York Jets vs Pittsburgh Steelers. Ok.. I'm going out on a limb here. We know the Jets had a kneegate scandal some weeks ago against Miami. A staff member on the Jets team lost his job. Did it affect the Jets? Nope. It just made them stronger. But wait, the New England Patriots also had an attempted Kneegate scandal as well while losing to the Jets. Will they remember this coming fall? Who knows?
Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Steelers: Impressive shoot out last weekend with the Baltimore Ravens. However, the Ravens are already regretting of molting feathers as they had a 2nd half battle that lead to a meltdown of a loss to the Steelers.
Now most of you are going to believe I'd say that Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win to go on to the Super Bowl to win a 7th Super Bowl Ring. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you all. I'm supporting my friend: Nicky Belfiglio's New York Jets to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. This coming weekend is expected to be cold and snowy. It will be a Battle zone in Pittsburgh. I expect a shoot out between the two teams.
My answer for the AFC win: New York Jets!
As another storm hits the North East states, I hope everyone will have a good, safe, and warm house weekend. Use the fireplaces if you have one.
Till next post, more clues later!

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