Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Harvest of ThanksGiving.

G'day Everyone.

It is almost 12 days to Thanksgiving 2010. In this state of economics, I decided to ask a BIG FAVOR of all my readers today. Today's current economic crisis has not eased yet. Many of the deaf and hearing are still unemployed out there and trying to make ends meet. For some, this has created a hardship and depression on them.
Can I ask many people, who have a job and are comfortable in their home? What I'm asking is this: God has given you an opportunity to share the bounty of food with others who do need it. Your local cupboard places are trying to prepare a thanksgiving meal package for those that do need a meal.
Please take this opportunity in your lives and share some of the food you buy and make a donation of non-perishable items to your local cupboard. The sooner you donate, the sooner it can be delivered to the families and individuals this Thanksgiving.

Also, be sure to invite family and friends to your table as well this season. We have much to be Thanking God for our lives and our homes.

Don't forget, 13 days to DARK (black) FRIDAY! But then again, some stores are already doing PRE-DARK FRIDAY sales. Happy shopping!

Note: I've been asked to end my "Semper FI" note and change it to something else. So, I gave in to the request. I haven't decided on a new ending trademark yet. I will make a new one soon.
For now.. Just have a good day.

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