Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bad moments in relay calls.

G'day Everyone.

Ever had a bad moment with a relay service? I've had a good share of moments when using Sorenson relay services. But the first time I've ever had a bad moment just hit today when a person called me up for some reason, asked me by my name and when I said "that's me", the person shocks the relay interpreter with a dirty word and says "fuck you" and actually flipping the bird at me to interpret it! (I forgive her for it, yet, she was only doing her job).

I was totally shocked! But before we could ask this person who it is and why they said that, the person quickly hangs up. Unfortunately, hearing callers forget that relay companies can SEE the number on their screen! The relay person quickly gave me the offending person's number and while she said "good bye" as she wanted to go compose herself, I called another relay person, didn't him to call that offending number and asked where I could report that person for abuse.

Thankfully, the relay operator gave me the email address and I reported the person with his number. It may not stop them from using relay services, but it will give sorenson an option to consider allowing use of services or deny them.

Relay services shouldn't be abused by hearing people just to say "fuck you" and then hang up. It's just not a good idea. Some pranks can be punishable by the law.

So let's hope some hearing people have some respect for the relay operators. Their job is hard enough.


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