Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another good day against the Baptist Church.

G'day Everyone.

Score one for a town that turned out and protected their own! I salute to this town for doing their job in the RIGHT WAY!

Gotta hand it to this town in Weston, Missouri. They knew when one of their own people died in the military service, Rev. Fred Phelps and his band of "protesters" were on the way to make a mess of the funeral. Well, guess what? This town had God's hand upon them. They formed a human wall, took up every parking space (but managed to leave enough for the people involved in the funeral) in town, and did everything they could do to prevent an anti-military funeral!

When I read this article, I was amazed. God be praised. People came to support the funeral. It didn't matter what faith you were. The message was simple:
Fred Phelps and followers NOT WELCOME HERE!
The military protesters knew they were out numbered and turned tail. That's the best idea they ever had.
One other thing. The reporter wrote in an intentional blooper in the article. Instead of saying "Westboro Baptist Church" he wrote: Wetboro Baptist Church. I just cheered for that.
I hope more and more people stand up to the Westboro Baptist Church. Because some day, they will find that a military funeral protest is not the right thing to do.
That's not all. A few months ago, my hometown had a military funeral here to. We also took a stand and prevented any military funeral protest as well.
Stand up against Westboro Baptist Church! Send a message clearly: NOT WELCOME HERE!
A family in grief should not have to deal with those idiots. This is their day to mourn. Let them in peace.
Semper FI.

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