Thursday, July 17, 2008

Staying and blogging.

G'day Everyone!

First, thanks to many people who answered an unspoken prayer request for the son of our fellow blogger who underwent a successful major surgery a few days ago. He is recovering nicely and is expected to be home soon. Again, many thanks.

Meanwhile, I have made a decision to stay with deaf read and support them. There was a reason for it. Part of that reason was Tayler Mayer's post that he put out a day after the firestorm broke loose and not long after Joey Baer officially left deaf read himself. See Tayler's post :

In all of this, I think the editors of deaf read are trying to get ALL of us work together as a Blog and Vlog deaf community. They're not responsible for the content that we write in our blog and vlogs. But they got a right of discretion of whatever to allow a post be made on to the deaf read list.

Deaf Read could certainly use an improvement in their site and make some changes to work better. Improving a web page doesn't always say it would look better. But just to help the readers more in selection of the correct web page content that they'd like to read often.

On the same note, more bloggers and vloggers are leaving as well. It's also for their own personal reasons that they have for themselves. I wish them success if they ever decide to continue on their own site personally.

So for now, onward bloggers. We got a job to do of our own.

Till next time, Semper FI!

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Deb Ann said...

I'll miss Joey's ASL vlog and he was our hope. I hope he'll change his mind to come back. I think Taylor is doing a great job , and that kind of job isn't easy.

If they want to give some brainstorming ideas to improve the system, they'd be so welcome to Tayler and the team...and let them decide..It only needs to take time to make a better change.

I will stay and keep vlogging/blogging. I'm so glad you stay, too!