Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Personal Post day.

G'day Everyone!

I wanted to make another personal post today to my readers out there. It's one of those days I wanted to personally say something and hope it won't be misunderstood in any way possible.

Lately, I'm kind of concerned about how deaf read has been acting lately. It seems like we've lost all the type of hype of the late RIDOR, who hasn't posted in a long time. It seems like we're heading into another direction on Deaf Read. First, Deaf Read booted out one person off it's pages. Then it struck at another blogger as well. Were the actions justified? I don't know. I didn't get involved because I didn't want to stir up a firestorm out there.

But now it comes to Joey Baer's announcement of leaving deaf read as well. I've also heard from another blogger is also leaving deaf read in a quiet way. Where are they going? Well, you'd have to ask them. They're heading for a RIVAL deaf read type of a group listing area.
Some other bloggers have asked me to join in UNITY on that rival deaf read listing.

Now that's putting me on the spot. Should I? I don't think so. At the present, I think I'm going to stay with Deaf Read and just keep on blogging. It's not that I don't necessary support deaf read. But I enjoy deaf read because of the listing of various blogs and vlogs that line up to be read in our deaf community. But yes, Deaf Read editors do need a bit more moral and ethics in their life as well. It should be fair and just for everyone to be able to share opinions among the deaf community in their blog and vlog posts.

In other concerns, I'm praying for the son of a blogger who going to be having major surgery on Wednesday (today). It's very major. Very scary as well. So I'm asking for all of my readers to please send up an unspoken prayer for this young man. I don't want to reveal of who it is. I just prefer at this time that we all pray for him that he'll come through this operation very well.


For now.. Semper FI.

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