Wednesday, January 9, 2008

WOW!! Gallaudet's Other Tent City!

G'day everyone!

I thought I would make a special post today because it grabbed my interest.
Everyone remembers how the Deaf Tent Cities popped up around the country in support of the Protest at Gallaudet University in 2006.

But lo and behold. Here's an article:

Read that article please!

Going on, I was kind of surprised to hear that. A homeless camp right near Gallaudet University! It was such an information to hear coming out of Gallaudet University.

But that's NOT the only in DC. I have seen many OTHER TENT CITY sites spread all over the DC area. Most of them are right under the bridges of the interstates of DC! When I used to go on I-395 towards 8th street south east, I'd always see this group of homeless people camping in the tents right along side of the road underneath the over pass. Isn't dangerous to camp underneath of a overpass bridge next to a busy highway? Yes. But when you are a homeless person.. you don't have much choice!

Many thoughts came to me about the homeless people. For one, I wish there was more jobs in America and a better welfare system. But hearing about homeless people living in a camping tent 24/7, it's no joke. It's a rough life.

Yes, I had a deaf friend or a two that lived homeless and in a tent long ago. It wasn't until he got murdered for his tent. I pray to God that we'll have a roof over our heads and food to eat. But if you ever hear of a deaf friend being homeless, why not extend a little help to them?

I wish we could revive the Gallaudet Tent City and raise money to help homeless people. Good idea, no? *sigh*.

Well, as this little paradise exists for these homeless people behind Gallaudet conference center, let's hope they behave there. I hate to think of one crime happening there and then they're gone the next moment.

I'll say a bit of a prayer for the homeless today. They need it more than all of us who read this today.

Semper fi.

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