Wednesday, January 9, 2008

administrative Post/ Strictest mom on the planet.

G'day everyone!

Administrative note from Sherlock:

A threat appeared in my comments section while I was approving them. As a result, I had to enable STRICT controls for a while. What I mean to say is, you can no longer leave comments with out leaving your name. IE: Anonymous names. So therefore, you must have an account somewhere in order to leave a comment.

I'm sorry that it's one bad apple, who used an Anonymous name ,who fails personally suggest that we talk behind the blog instead of public attacks and yet, makes it tough for everyone else to leave a comment. This same person has decided to THREATEN me. I take threats personally and will take action. (Law enforcement is working with me on this threat).

How long will the strict controls last? I am unable to say. The threat is real and I'm NOT going to lose my blog to this threat. No, never again. I'm sorry to say nobody can leave Anonymous comments again. So, I want to warn people out there. Don't bother threatening people on the 'net. Because if you do, you will have bit off more than you intended. Your "footprint" on the 'net already tracks right back to your computer. Simple as that.

end of administrative post by Sherlock

Meanwhile: from the surfing today I found this article:

Read that first.

Done? Here's what I think. That meanest mom is going to have to expect that her relationship with her Son will be gone. Especially when he's about to graduate and go to college. When that happens, I expect this kid will shut out his mom for a long time. Strict parent, yes. But when her son moves out and away, she'll have no more control and she'll pay the price.
Many people might approve of her methods of embarrassment of her son. But happens if he decides to lawyer up and throw a lawsuit back at his mom? In this lawsuit world happy society, it just may happen. I hope she wakes up fast and suggests that she pays for all of his college education, up to the doctor's degree. But, sadly.. she's already lost.

Parents, don't do this. You'll break your family faster than you can say "Jack Robinson". Think, Parents. There are better ways to deal with the situation than what this "mean mom" has done.
It's too late for her to save her family. But not too late for you if you are in this situation as well.
Hope you find a different way to deal with it.


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Anonymous said...

That is one mean mom. I would not be surprised if she shows up at his HS graduation and ruins his very special day.