Monday, November 19, 2007

Taser Deaths Growing.

It was another shock to hear of a growing sense of deaths by police to shock people by using tasers guns.

Recently, a 2o year old man was just shocked, then quit breathing, then died. Police did NOTHING. Did they do CPR? I don't know. That's a possibility that they might have or not.
Police claim they did everything "by the book" and putting the officer ON-PAID LEAVE while pending investigation.
But you know what? It doesn't look good at all.

But to hear this young man die, I get the impression that something is WRONG with the Taser guns lately. My question is: did the police amp up the voltages higher on the stun guns? Are they killing people while the act of stunning them gives them protected justice? That's a question that a lot of people have to look around.

I'm hearing that it was a young deaf man the died from this taser shot. But I don't want to know if it's true or not. If it's true, It'll give Ridor more fodder of telling deaf people to be a really afraid of police. I'm already afraid of police myself and would rather distance myself AWAY from them. The only time I'll work with a cop is when I know I have a witness with me.

Right now, I add my voice to the scores of people calling for police departments to disable people safely in another way. I add my voice that the use of Taser guns MUST BE SUSPENDED until further testings show that there is safety for use of Taser guns.

The police do not look well in public relations now. Thanks to the media. I hope every police officer will be saying a prayer for their lives before they work and after they work because the very lives they take of another person in the line of duty had better be in DEFENSE of their own lives because if not..God will NOT have mercy on their guilty souls.


Anonymous said...

Let Ridor do the ranting. I'm already appraised on new technologies to help cops deal with situations that call for the use of tasers.

Richard Roehm

Sherlock Steve said...

Would it not be better for cops to start learning SIGN LANGUAGE now to learn to recognize true signs from a gang sign? If cops keep tasering people first before asking questions, I can bet you that every city will be hauled into court by every injuired taser victim and every city will be forced to pay for it. By that time, every city will be broke and cops will be in big trouble!
I stand by my call. SUSPEND THE TASERS NOW!