Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Single Sunday.

G'day Every one!

If you are Single, have no kids, no family to tie you down, and nothing of a biological connection to anyone else, then it's a Sweet Single Sunday for you.
Just as it was mother's day in May, it's Father's day today.

But you know what? All those precious years that I had chances for a family of my own life were crushed by two people: First of 35 years ago, my own dad sat me down and made the most "fatal mistake" of his life. What he said would bring about an end of the family line that he had hoped that I would carry on the family name unto kids of my own.
He said: "Unless you have a job, don't bother having kids of your own". Then and there, I had figured out that if I didn't to be burdened with the responsibility of kids in my life, it brought me an easier acceptance that I would be a gay man later in my life.

But at that time 35 years ago, my parents were afraid that some girl might take advantage of me and some how still produce a kid. Back then, I was in love with a wonderful hearing girl I had. She was the love of my life.
In the Summer of June 1982, when I became a christian (for real) and was still learning the deaf culture world, I meet up with a deaf pastor to discuss marriage to my hearing girl friend. Instead, this man would be afraid for 12 years of me taking his job. So there, he convinced me to reject my hearing girl friend (bad break up) and look for a deaf girl who I would call my wife one day.
However, this same deaf pastor would then destroy my 3 deaf girl friends who were engaged to me. In the end, he was the deaf pastor that got fired for his own sexual abuse of many women in the deaf ministry. That former deaf pastor has never repented for his actions and awaits for the judgement of God upon his life.

In the Fall of 1995 my own hearing father would regret what he had done to me in my life, including catching me in bed with a guy who was to be my partner. I told him many times to stay out of my room. But it was not till then he finally learned too late.  My father regretted his words he said to me about no job and no kid I have. He wanted to see kids from me.  I also wanted to show him his descendants as well.

It was in 2003 after an 8 year on/off relationship with a long distance lady that a deaf pastor, in another state, who had no business to interfere of God's plan for me, destroyed my hopes and dreams of a wife when he told her that I was in love with a guy. Oh, she knew that but she herself was involved with someone she meet and looked for an excuse to break up with me. This poor deaf pastor never repented and has been stubborn that he believed in his old testament laws. It'll be one day he will be convicted of the old testament laws that he loved so much by God.

Presently, I look back on my life. I have forgiven my dad who has passed on. But of these two deaf pastors who used many people to destroy my relationships? I pity them.
But many of the people who listened to them in what they did to me? They have their own problems with their kids these days. When they look at me, they wish they were the ones that had their lives screwed up like mine.

There are people who love their kids, whatever it be Father's day or Mother's day. But when these two most important day rolls around, it makes me want to shout to all those married with family kids this: "HEY! Don't you wish were what I am? It's SWEET SINGLES DAY!".

I have no family of my own. No wife. No kids. No partner.

It's Sweet Singles Day. Sooner or later, I may find a guy for a partner or maybe a girl for a wife. Who knows?

But until that happens, remember, when you are single, then celebrate it. Sweet Singles Day rules on Father's day and Mother's day. And DON'T YOU FORGET IT!

P.S.. memo to those who screwed up my relationships in my life: REPENT! For the Day of Judgement is coming upon you soon!

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